Cookie Policy

Ostwest uses cookies to record and track the online activity of our website users. When you visit our website at and its domain, we will store a cookie in your device (browser).

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that we store in your browser to record information about your online activities, such as the information about your connection, language settings, browsing history, etc.

What are the types of cookies?

By storage period:

By setting source:

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?

Essential cookie

Essential cookies are necessary for the operation of the website to allow you to use various features or services on the website, or to help us detect and prevent fraud while maintaining the security of the website, such as verifying your login information, recording your login information so that you do not have to log in repeatedly when you browse the website again, recording your shopping information, saving your connection information, remembering your language preferences, etc. Therefore, you will not be able to refuse to use it in our website settings. If you turn off the acceptance of the cookies setting in your browser, you may not be able to use certain features or services of the website properly.

Performance and analysis for cookie

The performance and analysis of cookies helps us to enhance our services and users' online experience, such as calculating and analyzing information on website traffic sources, popular pages, conversion rates, click-through rates, and other information that can be aggregated in an anonymous manner for market research. If you refuse to accept such cookies, we will not be able to use your online activity as the subject for our analysis.

How do I refuse to accept cookies?

You can manage your browser's cookie settings by searching for the latest information provided by your browser manufacturer.