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NEW! Office location 100, Nevsky prospekt, 191025 St. Petersburg, Russia

Ost-West Moscow 22/2/5, office 216, ulitsa Myasnitskaya, 103000, Moscow, Russia

Phone number +7 (812) 33 44 812

Fax number +7 (812) 33 44 813

E-mail address [email protected], [email protected]

Internet address

For international post please use OSTWEST, P. O. BOX 109, SF-53101 Lappeenranta, Finland

Ost-West St. Petersburg location map

Office in St. Petersburg


Metro map

Get off at the metro station «Mayakovskaya», cross Nevsky prospekt, turn left and go to house number 100. Enter the court-yard through the arch and at the right side of the yard you will find our sign next to the entrance door. Please push the bell so one of us might open the door. We are on the 1st floor. So follow the stairs until you see the office.

Ost-West Moscow location map

Ost-West moscow


Metro map

How to find us.
Get off at metro station “Lyubyanka” (left hand side) and follow ulitsa Myasnitskaya to house number 22, which is not far from the metro station (5 min. walk). You pass restaurant My-My, than a clothes shop and you’ll see a bank with a big red advertisement on the opposite side of the street to our entrance, which is before pharmacy 36.6. Our entrance has a dark green colored door. On the door is written 22/2/5 building 1. We are on the 2nd floor, just follow the stairs until you find a sign OSTWEST, office 216. Push the ring button left had side of the door next to our sign.