About Usprint


to Ost-West Kontaktservice. We are a travel agency, that was founded in 1992 in St. Petersburg. We specialize in services for foreigners who wish to make individual trips to Russia. However, despite of catering mostly for individual customers, we also have big experience in organising special group tours, international conferences, incentive tours and adventure travels. In 2005 we have started a “baby” company in Moscow, named Active Travel.

On the 20th of September 2004 Ost-West Kontaktservice was awarded The Order of Admission Award (Awarding body — Presidium of the National Academy of Tourism).

Amongst all things related to Tourism in our office you will find the only LomoShop in Russia, where you can also purchase LomoCameras (and document your trip in most exciting way possible!).

We, the employees

of our German ran agency are here to help you to make a right choice regarding your future trip to Russia. We always do our best to answer all of your requests as quickly and effectively as possible. The mixed Russian-German team of Ost-West is working hard to give you the right professional advice on traveling in Russia and to help you to overcome any language, cultural or geographical barriers.

In our offices

which are located in the heart of St. Petersburg on Nevsky prospekt 105, and in the center of Moscow at Chistoprudny Bulvar 2, you will find all necessary tourist information free of charge.